Schmusen by Monica Reyes

Schmusen is the first solo album by Monica Reyes, which is out today, 18. January. With 11 songs, Schmusen gathers different styles such as, Pop ballad, Blues, Disco… even a Tango!

Tango is the principal style we find on the first track, which gives its name to the record. Schmusen (kiss) is also the first single, a song with which Monica Reyes makes a statement and defines the whole record and her solo persona.

The second track, Gemein, is a nostalgic ballad that points out the sweet voice Miss Reyes has. Then we have Du stehts auf mich, which reminds me of the style of the french Chanson française songs, but with the so very high flute that makes it something new.

The forth song in the record is Wach auf Fremder, a bitter blues. And then we have Fieses Schwein, whose translation would be “Nasty Pig”. Talk about bitterness 🙂 but this one has a faster rhythm that, in spite of the lyrics, leaves with a happy feeling when one listens to it. Confused but amused by all this, we find Revolution in the Disco, which (with some Tango and some Chanson) is an Eighties Disco song.

The seventh track is Besonders. And with it we’re back in France, led by the accordion and Monica Reyes’ sweet voice (I am never tired of remarking how sweet is her voice).

Then we have Exfreund Song, a cha-cha-cha, and Whiskey Song, another slow blues, until we find ourselves in a beautiful ballad about home called Heimat.

The record ends with Sachertorte, and the return of the accordion and the French flavor.


Schmusen is a very thoroughly worked Album, where Monica Reyes defines her style and shares her particular view of things. We can buy it on the online shop in her web.


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