That night at the Opera with Opus

OpusEvery two Decembers, the band Opus gives a very special concert at the Opera in Graz, their hometown, for the benefit of a social cause that’s really important to them. This year, the “Tonight at the Opera” event took place on December 8th, raising funds for the “Menschen für Menschen” organisation, who will build their third school in Ethiopia thanks to the tickets sold for the concert, and to the very generous sponsors who didn’t want to miss the oportunity of collaborating with this cause: 40000€ were raised that night.
Someone who also didn’t want to miss it was Michael Vätter and his band, Vätter und Söhne, who gave a great concert supporting Opus and warming the stage for the main course: Opus and their Opus Pocus Orchestra, who filled the Opera with wind, strings and percussion and completed perfectly the pop music instruments like guitar, bass or drums.

They opened with a song dedicated to the event, Tonight at the Opera, making the audience vibrate from the first moment, and they didn’t give a brake for the two hours they were on stage, exuding both energy and emotions.

Opus has great friends who wanted to share this special night with them as well, like the renowned Boris Bukowski, the bass (and former member of the band) Walter Bachkönig, and our beloved Paul Pfleger (Stereoface, Polkov), Sunny Pfleger’s son.

And talking about friends, Herwig Rüdisser payed a soulful homage to his friend Freddie Mercury, singing “Don’t stop me now” and making all the audience get up and dance as if they couldn’t stay sitted any more.
A once-in-a-lifetime evening, enjoyed by everyone who had the great luck of being there.

(So sorry for the awful video -and worse audio- quality, we should buy ourselves a better equipment ^^)


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